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The Serial Number is a 16-digit number that starts with 8030...You can find it on the original package box, battery cover, or the Settings page of your U home APP. e.g. 8030123412341616

Please click to find out How to get the Bluetooth MAC address of my device.

Please click to get more information you may need.

e.g. 32920 Alvarado-Niles Rd Ste 220, Union City, CA 94587, U.S.

e.g. +18444398832

**Associated with the Warranty Period**

You can find it by clicking the portrait icon in the App's upper left; the App version will be at the bottom. e.g. iOS 3.1.6 / Android 3.1.5

You can find it on the Settings page in the U home App. e.g. 02.20.0020

You can find it from the Settings page of your Ultraloq in the U-tec APP. e.g. 02.20.0503 Please fill in the Bridge/WiFi version if you have a “Failed to connect to the Bridge/WiFi” or “Connecting circle persists” issue.

Steady Yellow(Orange) or Blink Green? *For Bridge only*

e.g. Netgear Please ensure that your SSID(WiFi/Router name) doesn't contain special characters like', & and \ ...)

e.g. R7000

e.g. T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon

Please try to be as specific as possible. For product issues, include any additional details you think may be relevant, such as troubleshooting steps you've taken.

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