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Check the Wi-Fi Signal strength for your ULTRALOQ built-in Wi-Fi Device

Please follow the steps below to check the Wi-Fi Signal strength:

1. Open the U home App and select the device you want to check.

2. Tap the Setting gear on the top-right, tap "Wi-Fi" and check the Wi-Fi Signal strength.


· If the Wi-Fi signal strength is between 0 and -65 dB, it is considered good.
· The smaller the value, the weaker the strength. (For example, a device showing a -24 dB has a stronger Wi-Fi Signal than a device showing a -72 dB.)


Possible causes for poor Wi-Fi Signal:

1. Physical obstructions between the Wi-Fi Router and the ULTRALOQ device

Certain materials can reduce the range of or otherwise interfere with Wi-Fi Signals. If you have any of the following between your Wi-Fi router and your ULTRALOQ device, it may reduce the Wi-Fi Signal strength:

· Heavy duty walls and floors made of concrete, brick, or metal
· Large metal objects such as home appliances
· Large household objects such as bookcases, mirrors, or fish tanks
· Large glass windows

2. Too many devices connected to the same Wi-Fi Router

Usually, the Wi-Fi Router can connect with 20-30 devices simultaneously.

If the Router connects more than 20 devices, the network may experience delays, which can cause the Wi-Fi connection of the ULTRALOQ device (which is battery-saving designed) to be unstable.


3. Wi-Fi Router and ULTRALOQ device far away from each other

If the distance between the router and the ULTRALOQ device exceeds 50 feet, the signal strength may weaken.


4. Competing Wi-Fi networks

If you live in an apartment building or a densely populated area, there may be too many Wi-Fi networks causing interference and other issues. In this case, please contact your Internet Service Provider or consult your router manual for tips on reducing or preventing this.


Quick fixes to improve the Wi-Fi Signal strength:

1. Please move the Router out of the cupboard / from behind the furniture.

2. If possible, Please move the Wi-Fi Router to another location or closer to your ULTRALOQ device. The ideal distance between the Router and the ULTRALOQ device is within 50 feet.


More troubleshooting tips to try:

1. If your Wi-Fi Router has an adjustable antenna, try pointing it in different directions and testing the signal strength to see which works better.

2. Consider upgrading your Router, especially if it's over a few years old.

3. Check the path from your Router to your ULTRALOQ device. If there are any large items made of metal (such as large appliances) or large glass containers (such as a fish tank) directly between them, please try moving them out of the way to reduce possible interference.

4. Unplug any unnecessary or unused devices that may interfere with the Wi-Fi connection or switch them to a wired network connection.

5. Most Wi-Fi Routers are automatically set to switch channels to the least crowded option. If your Router doesn't enable this, please don't hesitate to consult the manual or contact your Router provider to learn how to turn this option on.