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How to Set Up U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave with Ring?

Required hardware:
1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave or U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave.

2. Ring Hub

Required App:
1. U-tec App.

2. Ring App


How to set up?

Step 1. Open U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Add to Z-Wave hub.


1635922906_1_.png     1635922937_1_.png


Step 2. Tap Start the Inclusion,  the app will show "Connecting to Z-Wave Hub", keep this interface running then open the Ring App.

1635922971_1_.png     1635923001_1_.png


Step 3.  Open the Ring App, tap the upper-left corner, then choose Z-Wave Locks.

1635923043_1_.png    1635923617_1_.png


Step 4. Tap Z-Wave then choose ADD MANUALLY.

1635923724_1_.png     1635923688_1_.png


Step 5. Tap the ADD button then enter the code. You can find this code on the battery cover. then tap ENTER CODE.

1635923760_1_.png     1635923921_1_.png


Step 6. Tap the DONE button to finish the setup step.

1635923985_1_.png     1635924023_1_.png


Step 7. Open the U-tec app.  You will find the status of Z-Wave Control turns to Paired.



Step 8. Open the Ring app, you can control and check the lock status now.

1635924245_1_.png     1635924275_1_.png


How to set disconnect?

Step 1. Open the Ring app, find the device then tap Device settings.

1635924245_1_.png     1635924275_1_.png


Step 2.  Tap Remove. Keep the Ring app running, then open the U-tec app.

1635924344_1_.png     1635924392_1_.png


Step 3. Open the U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Remove from Z-Wave hub.

1635924423_1_.png     1635924481_1_.png  


Step 4. Tap Start the Exclusion,  the app will turn to the "Disconnecting from Z-Wave Hub" page.

1636701537_1_.png    1635924605_1_.png


Step 5. After a few seconds, the device will be removed successfully.

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