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Cannot connect to the lock after WiFi setup?

For U-Bolt WiFi, U-Bolt Pro WiFi, Bolt Series and Latch 5 Series only

Possible reasons:

1. Check your internet environment.

The home internet is unable to connect, please check if the WiFi signal is working in the smartphone or other smart devices.


2. The distance between your lock and the WiFi router is too far.

The WiFi signal is too weak at the installation location for the lock to stay connected. Please keep the lock connected to the U-tec App through Bluetooth and go to the WiFi settings to check the WiFi signal strength. The recommended WiFi signal value should be 0 ~ -65 dB.


If the WiFi signal value is not very good, please move the WiFi router closer with the lock, or go to Settings-WiFi-Switch WiFi to change to another WiFi or re-connect to this WiFi.


**The WiFi signal value only shows the signal strength, The WiFi might also be unstable or has a large delay if the signal strength value is in the suitable range.**


3. WiFi delay temporarily at that time.

If the lock is not able to connect and continues spinning, please wait for 5-10 minutes and try to connect to the lock via the WiFi again. This problem might be caused by the unstable WiFi connection, and the lock will rebuild the connection after a few minutes.




4. Your WiFi Router may connect with too many devices.

Normally the WiFi Router is able to connect to 20-30 devices at the same time.

If the Router connects more than 20 devices, the Internet may have delays and cause the battery-saving designed device connecting to the WiFi to be unstable.

Please try to reduce some devices connected to the WiFi.


5. Refresh the Device list

Pull the device list down to refresh the device list. Or you can log off your U-tec App and then log in again.



6. You can restart the lock by re-installing the batteries.

If you are at home, please try to reinstall the battery for your lock. This method will also rebuild the connection for your lock.

Don't worry, reinstalling the battery will not erase the user information from the lock.



7. Try to reset the lock.

After replacing the new batteries, if you still cannot connect to the lock via Bluetooth, please try to reprogram your lock.

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