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My lock is making a beeping noise. What does it mean?

This guide is related only to the Ultraloq U-Bolt Series.

(U-Bolt, U-Bolt Pro, U-Bolt Wifi, U-Bolt Pro Wifi, U-Bolt Z-Wave and U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave.)


We use beeps to inform you passively of what is going on with your lock without you needing to look at your phone or in case you choose to use the lock in standalone mode.

One beep is a perfectly normal operation and is no cause for concern. It's feedback for the action you're doing, such as locking, unlocking, or modifying settings for the lock.

However, If you hear two beeps from the lock, it might mean that the lock might be getting stuck somehow. You will need to check the direction of the lock and see if it's still beeping. Please check the article below for this.

How to Solve the Jamming Issue for Ultraloq U-Bolt Series?


If you hear three beeps from the lock, it reminds you that the lock’s battery might need checking/replacing. This usually means that the lock is in low power mode and will likely not function as expected until the batteries are replaced with brand new ones.

This video shows you what a low battery (three beeps) notification sounds like.

Please note that the battery level may still show high or medium in the phone App. The reason is that there is some delay between the App and the lock, especially if there is a low battery. Low battery levels can highly affect connectivity and usability.

We are always constantly looking for ways to improve our methods for communicating things about your lock to you without being intrusive. If you have any suggestions, please visit our Community and share them with us there.