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What is the Battery Life for Ultraloq Smart Lock?

Ultraloq is powered by Alkaline AA batteries for up to 8,000 times access.

For Ultraloq U-Bolt WiFi / U-Bolt Pro WiFi, it would be up to 6000 times access.

For Ultraloq UL300, it would be up to 10,000 times access.


That is to say, the battery life is up to 1 year on average use of 20 times access per day. You will also get a low battery alert when your Ultraloq can still be unlocked hundreds of times, so you will have more than enough time to replace the batteries. If you are using a wireless connection, it will cost more battery.

How can I unlock the Ultraloq Smart Locks if the battery runs out?

"Low Battery" Alert, How to Fix?


What kind of battery shall I choose for my Ultraloq locks?

Ultraloq recommends using high-quality AA Alkaline Batteries.

The only Lithium batteries we recommend are the U-tec AA Ultra Lithium Batteries.


Please don't use any Rechargeable Batteries.

We don't recommend other lithium batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries as we don't know what performance they might have. Lithium batteries may have a longer life, but when they begin to fail, they fail quickly. We don't recommend them because they don't give you enough time to charge your batteries before the lock is completely dead.