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"Low Battery" Alert, How to Fix?

For Ultraloq UL3 Series, please press the Restart Button for one second to reboot the lock.



1. Change the good AA alkaline battery. Make sure all three batteries are the same brand.

2. Ultraloq recommends using AA Alkaline Batteries. Lithium batteries may have a longer life, but when they begin to fail, they fail quickly. We don't recommend them because they don't give you a lot of time to charge your batteries before the lock is completely dead. Please don't use any Rechargeable Batteries.

The only Ultra Lithium batteries we recommend are the U-tec AA Ultra Lithium Batteries.

We don't recommend other lithium batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries as we don't know what performance they might have.

3.  Avoid the wireless connection for a long time. Please close the App when you don't need to connect the lock.

4. Please avoid any water or snow in the Internal Assembly of Ultraloq.  The Interior Assembly is not waterproof.


Ultraloq test the voltage to calculate the quantity of electricity for AA alkaline battery. And the different temperatures, loads, brands of the battery will affect the accuracy of the calculation. So Ultraloq Smart Lock may show the inaccurate "Low Battery" alert.


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