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How to Factory Reset a Previously Owned Ultraloq Device?

I need to reset a previously-owned device.

To set up a previously-owned Ultraloq Smart Lock, it must be factory reset first. If the device was not reset before you acquired it, you will need the previous owner’s permission for Ultraloq to reset it on their behalf.

It’s important to note that the previous owner could take up to 30 days to respond to your request. If you bought the lock directly from a person or a 3rd party seller, you can contact them and ask for a device reset to speed up the process. After resetting the device to its factory settings, you’ll get a notification to proceed with the setup.

If you purchased the device from a retailer, please get in touch with them about an exchange.


I received a request to factory reset my lock.

If you have received an email asking you to reset a device you previously owned, then someone is likely requesting permission to reset a lock currently registered under your account. To allow them access, kindly respond with a YES.

By accepting the request, you are granting permission to Ultraloq to factory reset the lock. This will result in you relinquishing ownership of the lock and acknowledging that all current users will lose access once the lock has been reset.

Please NOTE: The request will expire after 30 days.


How to remove the device from your U-tec account?

Steps: U-tec App >My Devices>Choose the device's name/type > Press the gear icon and go to the Settings page>Remove Device.