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Cannot find the device after log in to the account?

Please follow the steps to do some troubleshooting.


*Please double-check if the device is registered under this account.

Some of our users registered the lock under another account, and finally, they could not find this device. If you don't remember which account you are using, please provide the lock serial number/Bluetooth MAC address in the trouble ticket, and we will help you to check.


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1. Log out and log in to your account again to refresh the device list.



2. If you are using the V2.0 version U-tec App, please ensure you are at the correct address(Location).

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If you are the Admin, Normal User, or Temporary user invited by the Owner, you will need to switch the Address to the Shared Address.



3. If you have been invited to an Air-Mode lock, please enable the Ultraloq Air in the U-tec app, then pull the device list to refresh the device list.



4. Ask the Owner/Admin to check the App version number.

If the Admin uses the V1.0(v 01.xx.xx) version U-tec App, but you are using the V2.0(v2.x.xx.x) version, the inviting process will be failed. Please ask the Owner/Admin to upgrade the App version, then invite you again.


If you still cannot find it, ask the Owner/Admin to check if the user email they input when inviting you is correct.

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