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Lock connection has failed after setting up, how do I fix it?

If you try to connect to your lock remotely but fail, it is caused by you haven't set up the Ultraloq bridge with your lock. The lock can only be controlled in the Bluetooth range.

If you have set up the bridge with your lock already, but the connection is still unstable, please try to log off your U-tec App and then log in again. Sometimes you'll need to unplug, plug it in, or pair it again. Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge



If you try to connect your lock in the Bluetooth range(10 feet), but it shows failed, please try to replace the lock battery.
After that, if the problem persists, please ask the Owner/Admin user to invite you again.
If you are the Owner user, but the app shows "Admin login failed" when you try to connect the lock via Bluetooth, please reset your device using the Reset Button.

After that, please try to log out of your U-tec account and reprogram your lock.

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