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Troubleshooting for Auto Unlock feature


If the Auto Unlock does not work after the app update, please go to the auto unlock page to disable-enable the auto-unlock again.


If you have multiple Ultraloq smart locks in your house, please only set up Auto Unlock for one device.

Otherwise, the Auto Unlock may not be triggered when you come back.


Leave Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned ON.

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be enabled to use the Auto-Unlock feature. Your phone uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to determine your location. If your location service is not accurate, Auto-Unlock will not work correctly.
  • Please make sure your smartphone has full internet access and do not turn on the "airplane mode".

Leave location services ON

  • Auto-Unlock uses the phone’s location to determine when you are close to Home. Location services must be enabled in order for Auto-Unlock to work correctly.
  • For the best positioning effects, please turn on WLAN scanning & Bluetooth scanning to improve accuracy. (Android only)




Location permission (Android 10 and higher)

  • Set location permission to "All the time".

Turn off the "Auto-Lock" feature temporarily. 

  • You can turn it on after doing the test if you need it.

Take advantage of the notifications.

  • Android 8 and above uses notifications to communicate to you about Auto-Unlock. Notifications for previous versions of Android can be turned on in the settings.

Open and use the U-tec App at least once a day.

  • This teaches the operating system that U-tec App is a commonly used application.

Whitelist the U-tec App for battery savings (Android 9).

  • Preserve battery life by whitelisting the U-tec App. From your home screen, go to Settings > Apps > U-tec > Battery > Optimize Battery Usage.
  • PLEASE NOTE: These steps may vary from model to model.

Enable U-tec APP Autorun. (Android only)


Disable "Put app to sleep" (Android only)



If the door always unlocks itself automatically when I am at home. What should I do?

  • Please select the SSID of your home WiFi on the Auto-unlock settings page. (Android only)



  • Please try to switch the Geofence range to 600/1000 meters. (Android only)


  • Android's battery optimization feature will limit the background processes required by Auto Unlock. Please select "Unrestricted" from the battery settings of the U-tec App.


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