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How to Set Up Auto Unlock for Ultraloq U-Bolt Series?

Auto Unlock is a feature where Ultraloq U-Bolt Series will unlock your door automatically as you approach.

How it works


This feature uses your phone's location service (GPS) to determine that you are returning to your door, and Bluetooth to pass the unlock command to your U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro. Auto Unlock feature works via Bluetooth and has no relation with the Bridge connection. 

A geofence with a radius of around 1000 feet (300 meters) is set around your U-tec App. When you leave your lock position at least 1000 ft (300 meters), Auto Unlock will switch from Back Mode to Away Mode.

Auto Unlock will unlock your door automatically once your smartphone is near your U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro within Bluetooth distance (around 10-15 ft) when you are back to your lock position. Auto Unlock will switch from Away Mode to Back Mode.

Note:  Auto Unlock needs the location service permission to use your smartphone GPS. Please set location permission to "Always" in the phone Settings. Your location data is only stored on your phone within the U-tec App. U-tec does not collect or store your data remotely and has no way of looking at your location data. For more information, please see our Private Policy.



My door didn't unlock when I expected it to

    1. You may not have gone far enough away from home. To enter Away mode, you must go further than 300 meters or a couple of city blocks. Only then will Auto-Unlock attempt to unlock your door when you arrive home.

    2. You can make sure Auto-Unlock tells you when you're far enough away by enabling the notification. Auto-Unlock notification settings can be found in Lock Settings > Auto-Unlock.


My door unlocked when I didn't expect it to

    1. Auto-Unlock incorrectly thought you left home.

    2. The location of your lock is set incorrectly. You can change this in Setting > Auto-Unlock > Edit your lock location.

    3. Auto-Unlock didn't see your lock when you came home.

    4. You entered through a door other than your Auto-Unlock enabled one.

    5. Bluetooth on your phone was turned off when you came home.

    6. Bluetooth on your phone was connecting to another device.

    7. Your lock's batteries were very low.


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