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How to connect U-Bolt Z-Wave and U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave with SmartThings?

Required hardware:
1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave or U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave.

2. Samsung Hub

Required App:
1. U-tec App.

2. Samsung SmartThings App


How to set up?

Step 1. Open U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Add to Z-Wave hub.


1635922906_1_.png     1635922937_1_.png


Step 2. Tap Start the Inclusion,  the app will show the "Connecting to Z-Wave Hub", keep this interface running then open the SmartThings App.

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Step 3.  Open the SmartThings App, choose the Devices, then tap the upper-right corner"+" sign.

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Step 4. Tap Generic Z-Wave Devices, tap Z-wave then choose Generic Z-Wave Device.

1636702018_1_.png     1636702162_1_.png


Step 5. Tap the Start button then tap Next.

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Step 6. Scan the QR code or Enter the PIN code. You can find the QR code and pin code on the battery cover. After scanning or entering the code. tap Add Device.

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Step 7. Open the U-tec app, you will find the status of Z-Wave Control turns to Paired.



Step 8. Open the SmartThings app, you can control and check the lock status now.

1636004027_1_.png     1636004077_1_.png


How to set disconnect?

Step 1. Open the SmartThings app, find the device then tap the upper-right button. Choose Edit.

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Step 2.  Tap Delete. Keep the SmartThings app running, then open the U-tec app.

1636004201_1_.png     1636004223_1_.png


Step 3. Open the U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Remove from Z-Wave hub.

1635924423_1_.png     1635924481_1_.png  


Step 4. Tap Start the Exclusion, the app will turn to the "Disconnecting from Z-Wave Hub" page.

1636701537_1_.png    1635924605_1_.png


Step 5. After a few seconds, the device will be removed successfully.

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