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Installation Guide for Ultraloq UL1/Combo

This guide provides detailed installation instructions for the Ultraloq UL1/Combo smart lock. Ultraloq UL1/Combo fits most of the US standard door. Please follow this article to confirm if the UL1/Combo works on your door.


If you are using the Combo, please follow the instructions to install. Please refer to the tips below to complete the AutoBolt installation.

1. The gap between UL1 and AutoBolt (edge to edge) has to be less than 3-7/16'' (85mm). Otherwise, the wireless sensor will not work.



2. UL1 and AutoBolt must be lined up. AutoBolt is upper and UL1 is lower. Make sure there is nothing blocking between UL1 and AutoBolt. And the wireless sensor must be clean. 

3. The cylinder tailpiece is adaptive to the thickness of the door. For the standard thickness of 1-3/4'', you don't need to cut the tailpiece of the cylinder.


4. Please don't insert the mechanical key into the DeadBolt for the whole installation.

5. Keep the Bolt shrink and the cylinder tailpiece of DeadBolt horizontal.


6. Keep the knob of AutoBolt in the Unlock position.


7. Calibrate the UL1 and AutoBolt. Please refer to this article to learn how to operate.