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How to Calibrate UL1/Combo for Right/Left Unlock?

Ultraloq UL1/Combo smart lock fit the right unlock and left unlocked. After installation or changing the new battery, to make sure the lock's direction is correct, please have to calibrate.

Step 1. Choose the correct direction when you install the UL1. For left unlock, the arrow is faced down. For the right unlock, the arrow is faced up.


Step 2. Keep pushing down the inside handle of UL1.

Step 3. Use a paperclip to push the Reset hole around for one second until you hear one "beep" from UL1.


Step 4. Calibration is done.


A possible solution for you is to find out how to adjust the deadbolt.


If the issue persists, please follow the Installation Guide to re-install the whole lock.