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What do you need to do to prepare for Ultraloq Air


To use the Ultraloq Air, you need to make the following preparations:

(1) Prepare Locks

The locks that support the Air function are the following models: 


Latch 5 Fingerprint

Latch 5 NFC

U-Bolt Pro WiFi (Firmware version is xx.xx.0023)

U-Bolt WiFi (Firmware version is xx.xx.0023)

*If the firmware version of U-Bolt WiFi/U-Bolt Pro WiFi is xx.xx.0021, this lock will not work with ULTRALOQ Air.



Other models are not currently supported.

If you have set up this lock before, please completely reset your lock before adding it to Ultraloq Air



(2) Install the App

Download the latest App from Google Play & App Store, and enable the Air mode.




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