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How to Set Up U-Bolt/U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave with Hubitat?

Required hardware:
1. Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave or U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave.

2. Hubitat Hub

Required App:
1. U-tec App.

2. Hubitat App



How to set up?

Step 1. Open U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Add to Z-Wave hub.


Screenshot_20220803_150306_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_150311_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg


Step 2. Tap Start the Inclusion,  the app will turn to the "Connecting to Z-Wave Hub" page, keep this interface running then open the Hubitat App.

Screenshot_20220803_150319_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_150323_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg


Step 3.  Open the Hubitat App, tap Devices, then choose Discover Devices.

Screenshot_20220803_150154_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_150159_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg


Step 4. Tap Z-Wave then choose Start Z-Wave Inclusion.

Screenshot_20220803_150335_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_150342_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg


Step 5. Choose Confirm, then enter the code. You can find this code on the battery cover. then tap Confirm.

Screenshot_20220803_150558_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_150609_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg  


Step 6. Input a label for your lock, then tap Save. You can tap View Device Details to view the device settings.

Screenshot_20220803_150703_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg     Screenshot_20220803_150708_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg


Step 7. Open the U-tec app, you will find the status of Z-Wave Control turns to Paired.



Step 8. Open the Hubitat app, you can control and check the lock status now.



How to set disconnect?

Step 1. Open the U-tec app--U-Bolt Z-Wave--Settings--Z-Wave control. Tap Remove from Z-Wave hub.

d5e3432bc2b45b58d5635755f1887a9a.jpg    Screenshot_20220803_160149_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg  


Step 2. Tap Start the Exclusion, and the app will turn to the "Disconnecting from Z-Wave Hub" page. Keep this page and open the Hubtait app.

Screenshot_20220803_160150_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg    356635ed20a99c7d0db04a4036b6a464.jpg


Step 3. Go to the Device Details page, pull it down and choose Remove Device. After a few seconds, the device will be removed successfully.

Screenshot_20220803_160157_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg     Screenshot_20220803_160159_com.tencent.wework_1_.jpg