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How to Manage Users for Ultraloq U-Bolt Series?

After pair Ultraloq U-Bolt Series to U-tec App successfully, you can add more users for Ultraloq U-Bolt Series. Ultraloq U-Bolt Series total user is up to 50. It has one Owner (the first Admin User), multiple Admins, Normal Users, Temporary Users. Each user has two fingerprints, one code, and App access.

Owner is the person who owns U-Bolt Pro and registers it in U-tec App originally. The owner has all the privileges.

Admin can always unlock via fingerprint, code, or App. Admin can add or delete Admin and Users, control all lock settings, and view logs.


Normal User can always unlock via fingerprint, code or App.


Temporary User has limited access within the specific time range.


Edit User, you can change the user's code, fingerprint and the other user's data in the U-tec App.


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