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The lock will not Auto Lock after the door closed. What should I do?

Please make sure you have turned on the Auto Lock feature in the App. The Door Sensor is working closely with the Auto Lock feature. If the Door Sensor setup is not as instructed, the Auto Lock will not work as expected.


1. If you close the door very slowly/slightly after you set up the Door Sensor, the Auto-Lock will not work correctly caused by the Door Sensor status data cannot be recognized. Therefore, please check if the Auto-Lock will work when you close the door in the usual way;  


2. If you have installed the Door Sensor in a metal door that interferes with the magnet inside the Door Sensor, the Auto-Lock will work exceptionally(In this case, the Door Sensor sticks to the metal door magnetically);


3. If you have not followed the Installation Guide of the Door Sensor, the Auto-Lock feature will not work as well. So please disconnect the sensor and pair it again. Again, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.


Explanation of Auto Lock function for U-Bolt WiFi / U-Bolt Pro WiFi:

Scenario 1. The deadbolt is in the unlock position, but the door is not open. The Auto Lock is in effect and will lock automatically after a while (set by yourself on the setting page named Auto Lock timing). 

Scenario 2. The deadbolt is in the unlock position with the door is already open, the Auto Lock will not take effect until the door closes. 


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