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The lock will not Auto Lock after the door is closed. What should I do?


Explanation of Auto Lock function for U-Bolt WiFi / U-Bolt Z-Wave / U-Bolt Pro WiFi / U-Bolt Pro Z-Wave ;


The feature of the Auto Lock means that the smart lock will automatically return to the locked status within a set time after the door is closed.


If your smart lock fails to lock automatically after the door is closed. There may be the following reasons:


1. Please make sure that the Auto Lock feature has been turned on in the App settings;




2. Please make sure the door is completely closed. If your door is in a false status, the door sensor will judge that your lock is in an open situation, so the Auto Lock will not take effect;


3. Please check if the Door Sensor is installed correctly;
a) If you have installed the Door Sensor in a metal door that interferes with the magnet inside the Door Sensor, the Auto-Lock will work exceptionally(In this case, the Door Sensor sticks to the metal door magnetically);

b) If you have not followed the Installation Guide of the Door Sensor, the Auto-Lock feature will not work either. So please disconnect the sensor and pair it again. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully.



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