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How to update the firmware manually?

Model:  Ultraloq U-Bolt / U-Bolt Pro
Lock Firmware Version: suggested by the customer service representative


Before the update:

1. Please go to the Google Play Store or Apple AppStore to update the U-tec App to the latest version. 

2. Please stand closer to your lock in the Bluetooth range(within 10 feet) and make sure you've connected your lock via Bluetooth (do not via the Bridge).

3. Please check the battery level before upgrading.


Step 1:

Please copy the following firmware download link before upgrading.




Note: The admin code was set up by yourself when you program the lock for the first time. If you forget it, please reset your lock via the U-tec App and Reset Button, then set it up again. How to Reset Ultraloq Smart Lock to its Factory Settings?


Step 2:

For iOS

Please follow the video below on how to upgrade the firmware:

Note: Apple version  APP update method is to click on a specific location continuously, please see video operations.




For Android


1. Please click this link to download then install FirmwareToolsV1.5.apk on your cell phone(for Android only):



2. Please open FirmwareTools and make sure that you have already closed the U-tec APP.


3. Please follow the video below on how to upgrade the firmware:



After doing that, your firmware version should be V02.28.0020.


Sometimes, you'll need to calibrate the direction of your lock after the firmware upgrade. The process for this had explained in our article: Calibrating Ultraloq Ultraloq U-Bolt Series






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