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Setting Up U home App for Apple Watch

You can use the U home App by the Apple Watch to lock and unlock your Ultraloq smart lock. This article guides the customers to set up the U home App for Apple Watch.

NOTE: U home App on Apple Watch only supports lock(only for deadbolt locks) and unlock features. Remote operations are not possible. 

Device request: Apple Watch & iPhone

App request: Apple Watch App & U home App



Setting Up

Step 1. Set up your Ultraloq device with your U home App. Please follow the article to set up your lock.

Step 2. Set up your Apple Watch.  Apple provides detailed instructions on how to set up your apps to appear on your Watch here.

Step 3. After setting up, the App should be installed automatically on your Apple Watch.


Step 4. If the app does not show, please turn on the Watch app on your iPhone, find U-tec, and tap “INSTALL”.

 mceclip2.png             mceclip3.png

Step 5. Turn on your U home App and swipe the device list to refresh it. After that, the U-tec will show on the Apple Watch.



How to control your smart lock on an Apple watch?

To lock or unlock your door with an Apple Watch, open the U home App on the device. Tap the unlock button to unlock the door. Conversely, tap the lock button to lock it again.


Swipe the list up to view other locks. Now, only U-Bolt and U-Bolt Pro have the “Lock” button.



Smart Notification on Apple Watch

If you created Smart Notification on your U home App, you can also receive the notification on Apple Watch when the phone is not around you (Request Internet available on Apple Watch).

If someone triggers a notification, and your iPhone is powered off or asleep, you will receive a notification on your Apple Watch. If the iPhone is in use, the Apple Watch will not push the notification.

 mceclip9.png               mceclip10.png



Troubleshooting Apple Watch and U-tec

If you experience issues using the U home App on your Apple Watch, the following troubleshooting steps should help:

Step 1. Uninstall the U home App from your iPhone by selecting the App until the X appears, then delete it from the device.

Step 2. Power-cycle your iPhone and Apple Watch by powering each one OFF and then back ON.

Step 3. Re-install the U home App on your iPhone by downloading it from the Apple Store.

Step 4. You will need to ensure that you can see the U home App on your Apple Watch:

> On your iPhone, open the Watch app

> Go to U-tec

> Ensure the “Show App on Watch” option is enabled

> Then, open the U home App to the Lock Status screen on your iPhone as well as on your Apple Watch.

 mceclip11.png            mceclip12.png

Step 5. Turn on your U home App and swipe the device list to refresh it.

Please complete the following steps before attempting an operation on your Apple Watch:

(1) With the U home App open, hold down the flat button on the right-hand side of the Watch.

(2) Let go of the button once you get to the screen asking Power Off the Watch.

(3) Hold down the crown/dial of the Watch and it will force close your U home App.

(4) Try to access your lock using your Apple Watch.

(5) You should be able to operate your U-tec Smart Lock using your Apple Watch. If you continue to experience issues, please submit a request or review the information available from Apple here.

NOTE: If you had Auto-Unlock enabled for your lock(s), it will need to be re-enabled once troubleshooting steps are completed.