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How to Update the Firmware for ULTRALOQ Smart Lock?

If you added the lock to the U home App, you could upgrade the firmware of the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock. Firmware updates are released periodically to help improve the connection speed, fingerprint reliability, motor control, battery life, Auto Lock, etc.


Q: Do I have to upgrade the firmware of the lock?

A: Without Red Dot means the firmware has been the latest version. You don't have to upgrade the firmware of the lock if your lock works perfectly. otherwise, please do the update. 


Firmware updates can take anywhere from 2-5 minutes. Keep your phone near your lock, with the U-tec app open throughout the update.


Note: The U Bolt WiFi / U-Bolt Pro WiFi and ULTRALOQ Latch 5 Series (with the built-in WiFi chip) needs to connect to your WiFi during firmware updating.


How to upgrade the firmware?

Step 1. Unplug the Bridge from the outlet. If you are not using the Bridge, please ignore this step.

Step 2. Open the U home App, and select the lock you want to update.



Step 3. Click the Settings menu (gear icon).



Step 4. Scroll to Firmware, then click it. 



Step 5. Click Upgrade and complete the upgrade.


Upgrade Firmware Tips:

> Keep your phone near your ULTRALOQ Smart Lock, with the U home App open throughout the update.

> You must be within 5ft of the lock and have Bluetooth enabled on your phone.

> Unplugging the Bridge from the outlet before you are ready to upgrade firmware.

> Disconnect the other Bluetooth devices from your phone.


How do I know if my firmware update is complete?​

You can check the firmware notification under the Settings Menu on the U home App. Red Dot means the new firmware is released and asks to upgrade. Without Red Dot means the firmware has been the latest version.

3.3.png     3.1.png

What if the firmware update fails?

If the firmware update fails while you are in the middle of updating, try the following:

Step 1. Restart your phone.

Step 2. Power cycle your lock by removing and reinserting one of the batteries. If the battery is low, please replace the brand new batteries.

Step 3. Stand near the interior assembly of the ULTRALOQ Smart Lock.

Step 4. Check the above Tips again.

Step 5. Then try updating the firmware again.

Step 6. Please try to reset your lock.


Sometimes, you'll need to calibrate the direction of your lock after the firmware upgrade. The process for this had explained in our article: Calibrating ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Series