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How to install the handle of the Ultraloq UL3/Latch 5 Series?

  1. Place the handles onto the handle posts; the handle should point away from the door's edge.
  1. After placing the handle in place, insert a hex screwdriver into the handle hole and turn the screwdriver counterclockwise to fasten it. After that, please turn the handle down. The door latch should move smoothly.



If you need to remove and re-install the handle, please insert the hex screwdriver into the handle hole, and rotate it clockwise until you can pull the handle out. After that, you can follow the instructions and re-install them in the right direction.


For Ultraloq UL3 / UL3 BT

Choose the correct direction to press lever handles onto handle posts. The clip must be inserted into the handle's side hole. You can view this video to learn more details.