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How to Add User for Ultraloq UL3 Series by the U-tec App?

1. Add Fingerprint

Step 1. Go to the "User" Page in U-tec App, and press "Add User".

Step 2. Input the Name, then press "Next".

Step 3. Press "Start Adding a Fingerprint".

Step4. Place the fingerprint flatly and firmly on the sensor of the lock twice, then press the "I have placed my finger twice" button in the App.

Note, if you meet any failed, please read the Guide in the App carefully. Then press "Try Again".


2. Add code.

Step5. Input the User Code which is the password. It's a 4-8 digits number. Then press "Add Code".

3. App access.

Step6. Press "Next" button to add App access.

Step7. Input the user's email, then press "Next". This email is the user's U-tec Account. After that, the user will receive an email (if can't find, please check Spam).

Step8. Add success.

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