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Ultraloq Air Overview


What is Ultraloq Air and what does it do?

ULTRALOQ Air is a cloud access control platform with unified hardware, software, and services built for every space where security matters. It enables you - property owners, property managers, security administrators, developers, and homeowners to control the access of your properties on any scale from anywhere.

Ultraloq Air eliminates the security risk and labor cost of exchanging and managing keys. Simply grant permanent or temporary access via code or mobile credential to residents, guests, employees, or service people from the web.



Register account


Each building manager needs a U-tec account to program their devices.
As a tenant, if you want to unlock the lock via U-tec App or Fingerprint/Keycard, please use the invited email address to register your own U-tec account and log in to the U-tec app to program your unlock method.

Click here to create your own account. You can log in to this account to U-tec App & Ultraloq Air.

If you already have a U-tec account but forget the password, please click here to reset the password.

Download U-tec app
Within the Welcome Email from U-tec, there is a link that directs you to create your U-tec account and then to download and log into the U-tec App.

You can also scan the following QR code to download the latest version U-tec App.


Adding Devices


Login to the U-tec app to add your device to Ultraloq Air.
Click to Learn how to Adding Devices to Ultraloq Air 

After adding the device, you can find it on Dashboard and Device on Ultraloq Air.


Log in to the Ultraloq Air website

After adding the device, go to to program the device and users.



View Dashboard

What is a Dashboard?

The Dashboard has two main function blocks, one is to show the status of locks, and the other enables you to access and operate Device/User/Log easily.


Within the Dashboard, you’ll see your lock status, including Online Status, Battery Status, Lock Status, Door Sensor, and Model. These statuses are changed in real-time.

You can also change the device status, enable/disable Users/check Logs on the Dashboard.
These sections enable you to control the device, add your building occupants, and monitor the individuals coming in and leaving your building.


Inviting User

What are Users?
In Ultraloq Air, “User” refers to all persons who are able to open the door via Passcode, fingerprint, Keycard, and App access.
On Ultraloq Air, the User and the owner is the person who owns the lock and registers it in U-tec App initially. The owner has all the privileges and cannot be deleted from the lock.
Admin can always unlock via fingerprint, code, or App. Admin can add or delete users, change lock settings, and view logs.
Normal Users can always unlock via fingerprint/NFC, code, or App.
Temporary User has limited access within the scheduled time range.
In order to ensure residents’ privacy at their apartment doors, Ultraloq Air requires property managers to edit User Access when enabling this user to a lock.
This allows property managers to set users up with different devices at the same property. For example, if a property management team member lives onsite, they can be set up as an Admin, but this member can also be set up as a normal user of the office door.

View Logs

Logs will record all of the unlock/lock processes.

Ultraloq Air provides property management access to certain activity histories at U-tec devices throughout the property.


Address & Location

What is a Location?
The location is the building/room under an Address that was installing the U-tec products.

Each U-tec device must have a correct location, the time in Ultraloq devices will follow with the timezone of that Address.

If you cannot find the device in the U-tec app, it might under another Location.


You may need

Cannot find the device after login to the account?


View Events

What is an Event?

Different from Logs, the events will record all actions, alerts, and special events.

You can select the events and dates of the events.