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How to add my device to Ultraloq Air?

Before adding the device, you will need to download the U-tec app.

Research U-tec in the App Store/Google Play, and download the latest version.

You can also scan this QR code to download the U-tec app.

1 Activate the Air function in the App(Very important)


Before registering the lock with Air mode, if you registered this lock already, please delete and manually reset this lock to the factory default mode.

You may need

How to Reset Ultraloq Smart Lock to its Factory Settings?

*Note that the users of locks will also be deleted.

After installing the App, first, find "Ultraloq Air" in the personal center and activate it.


2 Add Air devices in the App(Very important)

After the activation is successful, you will see a guide for adding locks.



There are two main differences between an Air lock and an ordinary lock during the adding process:


First, choose "Ultraloq Air" if you want to program the lock via Ultraloq Air. You will encounter a page that asks you to choose "How to use this device", this means you can choose whether to manage users on the App or on the Web.



Second, the locks must be configured with WiFi because the operation of the website must require this.


Once everything is done, you'll see the lock labeled "Air" in the list of devices, indicating the Air lock is set now.



3 View added devices on the web

Open the website of Air ( after locks are set up on the App, then you can view the devices under Dashboard, Device, and Address.


(there might be differences between this picture and the real test picture)