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Guide of Smartphone NFC

App Version: later than v 2.0.4

Available model: Latch 5 NFC


Smartphone NFC unlock failed when the cellphone screen is OFF?

After setting up the Smartphone NFC feature with your lock, you can unlock the door via scanning the Smartphone, but the Smartphone NFC will not work when the cellphone screen is OFF.


Please turn on the phone screen when you try to scan the Smartphone NFC with your lock.


*For a few model Smartphones, you will need to unlock the screen to use the NFC feature.





How to set up your NFC Card?

1. Choose the NFC lock.

2. Go to the User page, and choose the user.

3. Tap NFC, choose the Keycard option, and tap Next.

4. Tap Start Adding Keycard and scan your Keycard.

5. The Keycard has been added to this user.





How to set up Smartphone NFC?

Method 1

If your wallet app does not support adding a Virtual Access Card, please choose Add Android Smartphone NFC.


If your cellphone already has a default contactless payment, please replace it with U-Tec. Otherwise, the NFC unlock will be failed.



Method 2

If your wallet app supports adding a Virtual Access Card, you can choose the Keycard option.


Normally the Keycard option is used to add the physical NFC card, but if you can create a Virtual Access Card on your cellphone, it should also work.


With this option, the app will register the Virtual Access Card created by your wallet app, please make sure this Virtual Card is the default card in your wallet app. If it's not the default card on your cellphone, you may need to activate this card before scanning the Smartphone NFC to unlock it.





NFC scanning failed after changing the smartphone?

After changing the cellphone, the Smartphone NFC feature needs to be re-set up with the new cellphone.


After setting up the new Smartphone NFC, the old cellphone will not be able to unlock the door via the NFC function.



Invited/shared users cannot add Smartphone NFC?

When you try to invite a new user for your lock, you will find there is only one option for the NFC feature, which is the Keycard.


If this feature is necessary for this user, please delete this user, then invite this user as an Admin User, and ask this user to use his/her Android smartphone to register Smartphone NFC to his/her account.


After being invited as admin, this user needs to go to U-tec app-Latch 5 NFC-Users- NFC and he/she will find the Smartphone NFC option available.



If someone logged in to my account on another cellphone?

This guy will not be able to use Smartphone NFC to unlock the door until he/she re-sets up the Smartphone NFC with the new cellphone.


*Notice: If this guy re-sets up the Smartphone NFC with the new cellphone, your phone NFC will be covered and you will not be able to unlock via this feature.



Finally, please double-check if the NFC module is on the top of the middle part of your cellphone.