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How to manage my Locations/Addresses in the new version U home App?

The new version U home App supports adding addresses and locations

Some users like Ultraloq products so much that they installed Ultraloq locks in multiple addresses and locations, but how can they manage so many locks efficiently?

To this end, our new version of the App has added the concept of “address” and “location”, you can define multiple addresses and locations yourself and then put your locks in different locations so that you can find them easily and quickly.

Add an Address


It is worth mentioning that you can set different timezones for different addresses so that the log of each lock will be displayed at the corresponding time.


Switch between Addresses



Tips: If you are setting up a schedule for a temporary user, don’t forget to set it according to the time of the lock’s location.


Add Location


You can add multiple Locations under an Address and set up the devices with different locations.


Switch between Locations


After management, you can find the devices easily and quickly.